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"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it"

- C. Swindoll

Alisha BoosLicensed Clinical Social Work Therapist

Hello friend, welcome to Serenity Haven Counseling. I understand that finding the right fit of a therapist can be challenging. Whether it is your first time seeking counseling, or you have experience with it, there are several variables to navigate. For starters there is the natural anxiety that comes with the vulnerability it takes to share your thoughts and feelings to a perfect stranger. There is also the unknown of what to expect, the financial cost, finding the time in your schedule and so forth. I would like to acknowledge that you engaging in the process to search for a therapist demonstrates the tenacity and grit you already have within yourself. I applaud you and want to encourage you that while it may take some effort to find the therapist you connect with, you are very much worth the effort. If I had to guess, the struggles or pain that you are carrying may likely be overdue to be addressed, and at the very least certainly deserving of healing. I am here as an opportunity for you to allow yourself to share some of the weight of your life. In doing this, your battles become a little lighter and you can rest assured that you are not alone in the fight. Life can be hard enough with the day to day demands or stressors. Therapy can serve as a gift and investment into yourself. It is a gentle space for you to slow down and focus on yourself, be heard nonjudgmentally, lean into the safety of confidentiality, and embark on a healing journey. I invite you to look through my site and gather some information about me and my services. I believe that the therapeutic relationship can be a type of sacred alliance and I would consider it an honor to be permitted to be one of your allies.
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