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Alisha Boos
LCSW Therapist


Being a therapist is not just a professional career for me, it is moreso a passionate calling that I get to fulfill. My passion to be a therapist comes from my own pursuit of healing impacts that came from traumas over the course of my life. Some of these traumas include having metastatic thyroid cancer, experiencing various abuses and abandonment, pregnancy traumas, suffering the betrayal of infidelity, grieving the losses from divorce, and navigating co-parenting.

I have historically always sought to understand people and require depth in my connections. My mother sarcastically states that my first word as a child was “Why?” It truly has always innately been a part of who I am to have an inquisitive mind and be intrigued by what makes a person who they are.

I see myself as intellectually knowledgeable of the psyche, and clinically experienced with therapeutic treatments. But I am also a therapist that weaves in the vulnerability of my own authentic humanity. I am all too familiar with how hard healing and growing is. It is not a linear process and is a dance that sways with setbacks and regression as a necessary part of the progression and forward movement. I treat others in light of the way that my own wounds need tending- gently, compassionately, without judgment. I have a strong conviction to provide the best quality of care that I can.

In giving little glimpses into my personality:

~ I am a Christian and experience my connection with God as a real relationship. It is complex and takes work. I have moments of peace, closeness, fulfillment- as well as moments of doubt, confusion, disappointments and exhaustion. I do not think anyone can be talked into or out of faith as it is a very personal thing. Sadly, I know there are a lot of dogmatic practices that have caused harm to people and I am sensitive to that.

~ I am playful, sarcastic, and silly.

~ After suffering the trauma of betrayal by infidelity I felt led to simultaneously heal and make purpose of my pain through writing a book about it.

~ I find healing in my daughter's giggles, God, family, friends, good food, music, concerts, dancing, laughter, the ocean, sunsets, string lights, coloring and crafts, pizza, tattoos, evening bike rides, and amusement parks.


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Master’s and Bachelor’s in Social work. I graduated from the University of South Florida in 2012. In my Bachelor’s internship I worked in a pregnancy crisis center and worked with women facing varying paths. Some women may have been preparing to become a mother, or others may have been in need of healing from any post-abortion trauma. In my Master’s internship I had a trauma focus and predominantly worked with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. In this setting I also co-facilitated groups for adolescents who had committed sexual offenses.

Post-graduation my experiences continued to be diverse. I worked in community mental health facilities treating more severe mental illnesses, providing trauma therapy to individuals, and facilitating trauma groups. I also worked in an adolescent correctional facility providing a rehabilitative approach. Treatment goals with the teens were to facilitate healing of traumas, reintegration plans for a successful future, and prevent recidivism. I worked in hospitals as a case manager, providing acute crisis counseling, arranging Baker Acts, and securing necessary means for safe discharges.

After I completed my licensure requirements, I began working in primary care physician offices in an "Integrated Care Program." This program embraced a multidisciplinary approach to client’s mental health. I was able to bring the specialization of my clinical experience and collaborate with physicians. This created better assessments and best practices in treating patient’s mental health comprehensively. I would provide clinical therapy to clients in this environment, mainly treating anxiety and depression. Finally, in 2016 I had the exciting opportunity to start my private practice and ever since I have been grateful to continue working as an independent practitioner.
Isaiah 43:2 When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you.