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I provide individual therapy and couples counseling as an outpatient private practitioner. I serve adult clients and adolescent clients (13years+). Some of the main areas that I work with, but are not limited to, are the following:

• Anxiety: catastrophizing/social anxiety/OCD/perfectionism

• Depression: low self-esteem/hopelessness/suicidal ideations.
• Trauma: abuse (mental/emotional/physical/sexual)/domestic violence
• Relationship Issues: couples counseling/ post-betrayal trauma/divorce recovery
• Grief Counseling: death of a loved one/post-abortion or miscarriage/losses
• Faith exploration: crises in faith/purpose/Christian counseling

My Services

I primarily utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as my therapeutic approach. The premise of CBT addresses targeting the roots of a person’s behaviors, this being their feelings and thoughts. The objective is to identify destructive thinking errors and challenge and replace these with healthier thinking habits. With thoughts and emotions being symbiotic, healthier thinking habits promote more positive emotions, thus transforming and changing undesirable behaviors. Deeper analysis of thinking errors may incorporate other therapeutic modalities such as trauma processing, or attachment theories.

As part of my commitment to quality of care, it is one of my top priorities to maintain being trauma-informed This means that I am conscientious and assess how a client’s history of trauma can be like a backdrop to their lenses of the world. I am client-centered, strengths-based, and build on the resiliency that is innately at the core within all clients.

In providing counseling to couples, I am trained in the Gottman perspective. The Gottman approach is widely used amongst therapists as its efficacy is backed by longitudinal quantitative data. The goal is teaching couples relational habits and skills to have a sustainable connection, and eliminating habits that are proven to erode the relationship (ie: “The 4 Horsemen” of criticism, contempt, stonewalling, defensiveness.)

I am also trained in providing Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) for healing trauma. The concept of ART is to process a traumatic event utilizing bilateral stimulation through doing rapid eye movements, which mimics the brain when it is in its deepest stage of sleep. In doing this, healing occurs at a more subconscious neurological level. This allows rewiring of negative automatic reactions to trauma triggers, and unlocks a capacity to regulate, self-soothe, and in some circumstances completely eliminate stress responses.
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